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Jacksonville, NC’s Premier Antique Market

We’re proud to provide one of the best antique markets in the Jacksonville, NC community. Antique 2 Chic Vendor Market offers consumers a shopping experience with over 40,000 square feet of unique gifts and special finds. We have over 140 vendors offering one-of-a-kind items. You can also get a bite to eat, visit our full-service jewelry shop, create pieces of art in DIY classes, attend a live auction and hang out listening to live entertainment during one of our events. We offer competitive pricing on our large selection of exclusive merchandise added daily. Whether your style is shabby chic or upscale trendy, you’ll find the perfect pieces here. Visit us today, where the fun is in the find!

wooden patio chairs in front of a faux mercantile wall

The Benefits of Shopping at a Vendor Market

We offer a wide variety and selection of furniture, antiques, boutiques, collectibles, farmhouse decor, uniques, art, and so much more at our local, family-owned market at affordable prices. Our vendors range from pickers, collectors, craftsmen, seamstresses, organic product specialists, small businesses, and so much more. When you walk into our market, you’ll find something new and different every time. Best of all, you will always be greeted with a smile, as everyone is excited to help you enjoy your shopping experience.

Serving the Community in Style

For us, serving the community means helping you find unique items that can’t be found anywhere else and inspiring your creative side. Our vendors serve you by bringing art and style to life in unique and different ways. Each vendor booth has its own theme filled with special items. These items might be handmade, antique, upcycled, or brand-new. At Antique 2 Chic Vendor Market, we share our love of mixing old and new to create a masterpiece perfect for our shoppers.

Come Shop for Everything Antique to Chic Today!